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At Colorado Boulevard Chiropractic Center we are here to help you with pain management. Whether your back pain, neck pain or extremity pain is caused from a auto accident, repetitive strain, the aging process, heredity, sports injury or other accident injury, Denver Chiropractic Doctor Jeffery S. Maen offers the best in chiropractic care. Other common conditions treated by a Denver Colorado Chiropractor include headaches, numbness, sciatica, nerve pain and dizziness.


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Denver Chiropractor Jeffrey Maen, DC at Colorado Blvd Chiropractic Center has over thirty years experience  specializing in chiropractic care and wellness. Dr. Jeffrey Maen is a chiropractor committed to providing pain relief for many symptoms and conditions so that you can have a higher quality of life. Don’t just take our word for it though; visit our testimonials page to see what our patients have to say. At our Denver Chiropractor office you will receive the best care through the use of modern chiropractic techniques and technology. Dr. Jeffrey Maen and the staff at Colorado Blvd Chiropractic Center have a genuine concern for your well-being and health! Call us today and we can develop a chiropractic plan specific for you. If you are new to our website, please browse around to learn about our practice and to discover the wonders of chiropractic and wellness. Click on the “email us” link below to ask us a question or to send us feedback. Use the “send to friend” link to share our health information with your friends so that you can begin a journey to wellness together! To receive free wellness and health articles subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. If you are already a newsletter subscriber, please explore the member wellness section of our website for animated exercise videos, wellness articles, chiropractic resources, and health facts specifically targeted to your wellness needs and interests by Dr. Jeffrey Maen. “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison Dr. Jeffrey Maen Denver Chiropractor | Colorado Blvd Chiropractic Center | (303) 759-8333 1325 South Colorado Blvd Suite 022 Denver, CO 80222

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What Our Customers Are Saying

by Marilyn C.  (long-time patient)  01/09/2014

“What do you say about a doctor these days that really listens to your situation then goes right to work on making you feel better?  What I say is that I hope he outlives me!  Can’t imagine entrusting these aches and pains to anyone else.  Thankfully he can use the activator when called upon and isn’t just a “one – note” healer.  I could go on, but I think my message is clear.  Dr. Maen is The Man!”

by Carrie.RN – 04/16/2014

I was new to CO and a coworker recommended Dr. Maen. He’s by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He’s always willing to fit me in when I need an adjustment, his prices are reasonable even if you don’t have insurance, and best of all he’s the only chiropractor that has been able to make my back pain free instead of just less painful. I love this doctor!

How many calories should you eat? – Denver Chiropractor

How many calories should you eat?

Find out in two simple steps

Your Denver Chiropractor Dr. Jeffery Maen likes to give a little common sense advice every now and then.

But you need to remember one thing, common sense is not common! Follow this link for the “calculator” that allows you to enter your personal physical information and get the answer:





Osteoporosis Breakthroughs by Denver Chiropractor

Osteoporosis – Your Denver Chiropractor

Breakthrough Bone-Building Solutions

Your Denver Chiropractor, Dr.Maen with over 40 years experience recommends a diet strengthened by adding “GREENS” to your diet with one or more meals everyday. Your Denver Chiropractor also recommends monthly Spinal Checkups as part of a on going path to restoration or maintenance of your total health.

(The following is an excerpt from the new book The Bone-Building Solution, published by John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd., 2006)

Osteoporosis and unhealthy bones are more rampant in affluent countries than in poorer countries that still eat a lot of natural green color-coded foods. In 2005, the rural Chinese population had only 15 percent of the osteoporosis rates of wealthy North America or Europe.
When you eat any green color-coded food like broccoli, lettuce, parsley, or a “green drink” that has gone through the miracle of photosynthesis (making our vital oxygen as a waste product and consuming our deadly, exhaled carbon dioxide as a fuel), you are getting, among other things, lots of vitamin K1. You should ideally consume a minimum of 120 mcg of vitamin K1 daily.
See more at:

April Fools’ Day 2015 Facts, Trivia, Myths, History: Why We Celebrate This International Day Of Pranks And Jokes

This is from International Business Times and is a great news story about April Fool’s Day. One thing though you never have to be concerned with is a joke being played on you about your Colorado Blvd Chiropractic Clinic and Denver Chiropractor service. You can always expect the best from

The date is fast approaching for that one day each year when clever, practical scheming is not just acceptable but, in fact, appreciated: April Fools’ Day. History suggests that people have been playing practical jokes on each other for hundreds of years, but how the holiday and the spirit behind it became official remains a bit of a mystery. Here are the most popular theories about how April Fools’ Day came to be and why we celebrate it today. Read the rest of the story here.